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If there is anything that we realised, it's that the skincare industry is truly a scam.
Corporate slaves by day, scammers by night. 
The birth of Cactus + Glass started with us thinking how can we get good skin and not pay a ridiculous $$$ tag, and as all scheming millennials go, we procured a couple of samples from factories. We liked them, we don't love them and after much deliberation, we pumped in some of that green paper and created customised formulas with research and advice from skincare consultants.
At some point, it was pretty much a Breaking Bad episode because  trawling through papers, sites, chemistry notes and reviews over the internet takes time. It was a lengthy process with us identifying issues that people of all ages, skin colours and genders face. 
Oh but wait, that's not the end of the story. We flew in formulated samples from all around the world with exotic ingredients - juggling between facial oils, face washes, and scrubs before settling on a range of products that are constantly a WIP (work in progress for you lucky souls who do not have to deal with corporate jargon on a daily basis).

& then came the packaging.

Did we want to produce beautiful packaging where it would probably end up in some landfill or did we want to reduce wastage and not be perpetrating global warming? The answer's pretty clear and if you're a discerning customer like we are; an environmentally friendly brand is always a firm choice.
We've streamlined our products to have the least possible plastic waste with glass, recycled cardboard and paper as our main choice. Apart from being an eco warrior with great skincare,  you benefit from reduced packaging costs which most brands often pass on to you. Trust, we are working on  a zero plastic packaging for y'all in the near future.
"I love it"
- 100% unbiased opinions from our mums
Whilst we strongly urge you to get our wonderful products, always feel free to drop us an email at to say hi or hassle us for information :)